Personal Retreats

Yew solo rural retreat Personal and for business leaders -

“Find a new way of thinking”​

“Inner spiritual Strength is renewed, bringing peace, certainty and stability to nourish your soul.”

Who it is for:

Those wanting to take some time out to focus on the next step, personal journeys, and business owners who want space to refresh, revisit and realign with their vision both personally and for their businesses.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come solo, or to experience with whomever you’d like to explore your journey with.

2-day Creative Retreat

Mon-Wed Wed-Fri Dip a toe into the shallows of the Yew Retreat experience. Perfect for nurturing the seed of a germinating idea, contemplating a change of direction, or maybe beginning (or finishing) that book.


The investment from £900

4-day Growth Retreat


A 4-night Growth Retreat in the magical Arc Cabin includes personally tailored meals (vegan or vegetarian) prepared by host Lotte.

The Growth Retreat provides you with all the tools to map your future success. Be inspired and create a plan for your next chapter. You will leave recharged, focused and invigorated after a powerful vacation to realign with your true self.

A typical schedule



  • Arrival from 4pm
  • Yoga 6-7 (in The Hub)
  • 7pm – Supper with Lexie and Lotte



  • Light breakfast – Homemade granola, yoghurt, fruits or local bread and honey
  • 9.30-10.30 Yoga (in The Hub)
  • 11am 1hr Intention and goal setting
  • 12.30pm Lunch with Lexie and Lotte. Vegetable and bean Ratatouille with grains
  • 2pm Reiki treatment and reflection time.
  • 6.30 Light supper. Green soup and sourdough
  • Personal journaling session over the evening to reflect on goals and planning to achieve these.



  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9.30am Yoga session
  • 10.30am – Creative making session with Lexie
  • 12.30 pm Lunch with Lexie. Greek salad and pitta
    Afternoon Free time for reading and creating.
  • 7pm Supper delivered – Parmesan and celeriac soup with chives and lemon



  • 8am Yoga
  • 9am Breakfast from pack
  • 9.30- 10.30 Yoga session
  • 11am Food preparation session with Lotte. Healthy wraps and raw chocolate making.
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 1.30pm Vision boarding
  • 3pm Action planning with Lexie
  • 7pm Light supper in The Arc Cabin alone. Roasted Red pepper, tomato and lentils soup topped with toasted seeds.



  • 9am Meditation
  • Breakfast and Goodbyes.



Private Cabin, single occupancy: £2900

Shared cabin, double occupancy for friends or couples who apply/register/pay together: £2600 pp

7-day Transformative Retreat


Spend 7 days with us in this tranquil setting to really undertake deep transformative work. This retreat is personal to your requirements, it includes the same as our 4-day retreat with daily yoga lessons, guided meditations, healing session and the options to include additional extras such as massage.

You will leave us, having explored your true self, values and goals and will be ready to step out and shine. This experience also includes a 30 day and 60 day catch up session with Lexie to help you stay focused and cement your transformation. These 7 days are aimed at your personal transformation so it is recommend to be for one person per retreat. However, this can be taken with others.


£5,000 per person
Please speak to us for a double occupancy booking

Additional extras

During your retreat we know that sometimes you want a little more and we will tailor the retreat to your needs. As well as the basic packages you can also choose from a range of additional extras to add onto your retreat including:

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