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About Yew retreats at The Arc

Yew Personal and Business retreats at The Arc are a place for you to explore and nurture yourself, to recharge your batteries and work on yourself in the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside.

Expect a journey of self-discovery, transformation, growth, creativity, yoga, nature walks, delicious food, meditation, relaxation and full body-mind empowerment –  awakening to your full potential.

We are very excited to announce the collaboration with The Arc Cabin Host Lotte Hughes and Lexie Wrightson. Together they combine their magical forces, bring together their shared visions, and give you the retreat experience of a lifetime.

The amazing space of The Island, together with Lexie and Lotte, provide guests with relishing long weekends away from the regular grind at the luxury cabin, which is nestled in the Cambridgeshire countryside. This beautiful space is a place for truth and growth where guests experience inner transformation.

“A place where you can come alone, which allows you to step back far enough to see clearly; naturally magnifying, elevating and accelerating free-thinking and creativity. Sometimes, to have success, you have to be prepared to go away for a while.”

Yew at The Arc Cabin provides a peaceful and quiet space, away from frantic life and technology. A beautiful space to nourish your mind, body and soul. Immerse yourself in nature to evoke transformation, growth and creativity.

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Yew retreats offer you the chance to be on your own or with a close friend or partner and reflect on your business, life, relationships, and spirituality.

It’s a place to explore the questions you need answered. We offer the peace and quiet to do this in a remarkable nature spot by the river Nene in Elton, Cambridgeshire.

During your retreat we can offer additional support to help your explore yourself and answer those questions. We offer one-to-one sessions on your retreat including coaching,visualisations, mindfulness, writing, creativity, and vision boarding. All will help you identify and know what comes next. We create a retreat package personally tailored just for your or why not try one of our packages carefully put together to nurture and grow?

Your Hosts

Lotte Hughes - Yew Retreats

Lotte Hughes

In 2014 Lotte had the idea to take advantage of an idyllic setting and to build the Arc as a unique wood cabin. Lotte is passionate and knowledgeable about food and studied nutrition and teaches about the healing nature of food. Being creative in nature and being in the moment are the most important messages for her. The Arc space is designed with the importance of having a space for yourself to find some inner calm.

Lexie Wrightson

From a young child Lexie realised she was a little different, slightly more sensitive to energies around her. Since she embraced major life changes, she has spent many years exploring her spiritual life, working with her intuition and learning to heal others through various healing modalities. This includes, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, intuitive healing, intuitive life coaching and yoga, all of which can produce profound shifts in our wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Lexie has learned to teach yoga and meditation with Buddhist monks, become a Reiki Master teacher, and trained to become a well-being life coach.
Having rebuilt her life and regained her self-confidence after an emotional abusive relationship she is passionate about sharing the tools she has learnt with others, to help them create the life that we all truly deserve.

We are all amazing powerful creators and she wants you to find that within yourself to be who you truly are.


“Our retreats are a place where you come alone, allowing you to step back from modern day living and to see clearly all you want to be and achieve; naturally magnifying, elevating and accelerating free-thinking and creativity.

To step away and create your success, you have to be prepared to go away for a while and get to know the real, true you.”